Measuring Heparin Binding Protein

Axis-Shield have developed manual and automated immunoassays for the measurement of Heparin Binding Protein in human plasma.



Our ELISA assay is an easy manual method for the determination of HBP in human plasma:



  • Standard 96-well ELISA assay
  • CE-marked
  • Breakapart strips for convenience – only use the wells you need
  • Liquid ready-to-use components, colour-coded for ease of use
  • Complete with calibrators and controls
  • HRP conjugate with TMB substrate (read at 450nm)
  • 10µL sample volume (1:40 dilution)
  • Compatible with liquid-handling automates for improved throughput


Our new clinical chemistry assay provides a quick and efficient way to test plasma samples in any clinical chemistry platform:



  • Two liquid-stable reagents
  • CE-marked
  • Suitable for use on many chemistry analysers
  • Calibrator and control packs also available
  • Excellent correlation with manual ELISA method


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